Electric and Fuel Cell Bus

 Electric Bus,Fuel Cell Bus

250 km – 500 km , 5 years or
250.000 km garantie.


There is always space for your car in our parking place.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses at the Best price in Europe

Hungary’s first hydrogen powered bus will be ready soon.


5 years or 250.000 Km garantie.

You can travel by our hydrogen bus soon.

We even assemble the buses in our huge production hall.

We plan your hydrogen fuel cell system

Hydrogen fuel cell system for truck at best price in Europe

30KW 50KW 80KW 100KW 150KW

Hydrogen fuel cell system for truck and bus at best price in Europe

Hydrogen fuel cell track at the best price in Europe

Our 150Kw fuel cell is capable of 500Km.

We will soon introduce our next generation fuel cell, which we are developing to cover 1600km.

The tram everyone was traveling on

The tram made in 1977 can be found at our site.

Our team of experts will be happy to make any kind of iron wheel vehicle parts for you.

From the smallest to the huge.

In our perfectly equipped hall we produce almost any component


From the smallest to the huge.

 We plan it

Making technical draws
We will produce it for you in short time.


Our story

The dry facts are that we have been manufacturing, refurbishing and fully manufacturing parts for buses,
trams,trains and wheeled vehicles since 1981. It is also a fact that our company has never received government
or municipal assistance, and it has been realized with all our own power. But, like everyone else,
we have a much more exciting story that tells us beyond the dry facts…

Our Team

You could get to know our staff if you came to us and walked through our hundreds
of square feet of halls and saw them at work. Then you would know that our application writers,
our engineers,our electricians were working. We can try to describe it. But you must see.

We made anything

When we say that we have produced anything for you, it means that we have indeed produced anything.
From the tiniest silver-tipped pin (possibly four-nine silver) to the quarter-ton engine,
whether or not we’ve ever done one.Our new activiy to manufacture,produce and assembley hydrogen fuel cell drones,hydrogen fuel cell stack,hydrogen fuel tank storage at the best price in Europe.